The Ultimate Rat Repellent For Farms

May 4, 2020 Toby Bateson

Farms are notorious for having rats and mice running about in every nook and cranny. People often ignore them as no harm is done. Unfortunately, on some occasions they cause significant damage to crops, stored grain and animal feed. Chewed wires on cars and tractors and other farm machinery can lead to significant financial and time costs.

An effective rat repellent for farms can be hard to find and the best solutions require a multi-pronged approach. The Grid Guard is a useful tool in this situation. It works like an electric fence on the floor and acts as a barrier to rodents but not to humans. It can be walked over wearing shoes and can be driven on with cars, tractors and even forklifts. It lasts for years and can be used indoors and out. In live tests over 2 years no food was taken from the surface of the mat.

The Grid Guard can be laid in just a few minutes and simply plugs into the mains. Long-lasting PVC and stainless steel materials are designed for years of service. It can be laid as a perimeter around a vehicle or grain store, across a threshold or as a complete mat under a large object which needs protecting. It is particularly useful to protect a doorway which needs to be left open to allow traffic such as people, vehicles and deliveries. This makes it an ideal rat repellent for farms. It prevents them entering but does not act as a barrier to human activity.

The surface of the flooring is designed to tolerate rain and debris. It has multiple drainage points and can tolerate a layer of dust or dirt and remain functional. The Grid Guard has been tested and demonstrated to be effective indoors, outdoors and in the rain. This makes it the best rat proofing available in many situations.

Rodent repellant on Farms and Agricultural Equipment