Andy Elford Tells Us About The Grid Guard In This Case Study

December 8, 2019 Toby Bateson

In this short, pest controller Andy Elford tells us about how he used The Grid Guard and found it effective when other pest control methods were failing. Six months ago, Andy Elford from Elford Environmental services was called by a customer to help with pest control in their garage, where several valuable cars were kept. The problem started when mice were finding their way into the garage with the potential to cause very expensive damage to the cars, and in this particular case study, conventional poisoning and modern CO2 traps were not helping.

So Andy fitted the The Grid Guard to the inside of the garage doors. Since installing the The Grid Guard, Andy Elford has been very pleased with its performance. He says, ‘Since we have installed the The Grid Guard, we have had no issues at all. It is very easy to install and since installation, there has been no sign of mice activity.’ Exclusive to Killgerm, The Grid Guard is an innovative, humane, cost effective and easy-to-use solution to protect cars, industrial machinery, stock and much more from rats, mice and other rodents.

The The Grid Guard tiles can be used as a long term solution to prevent rats and mice causing expensive damage to property such as cars, trucks, combine harvesters and other vehicles or property. The The Grid Guard is safe, scalable and transportable and doubles as a hardwearing floor surface.

Tesla On RatMat in garage