Highly Effective In Repelling Rats In Warehouses & Storage Facilities

Abate Pest Management have fitted a superb The Grid Guard installation in a distribution warehouse. Warehouses with heavy forklift traffic can be a headache for pest controllers. Rats and mice have free passage in and out through roller-shutter doors when they are open all day. This is where The Grid Guard Electrified Flooring Tiles come in. Laying them across entry points blocks the flow of rodents while still allowing forklift trucks free passage.

The Grid Guard is made of impact resistant high density PVC and stainless steel. In the warehouse the electrified flooring tiles has endured forklift trucks driving over it more than 150000 times and is still going strong. Abate have found that it is totally effective at repelling rats and mice. They will not cross the surface due to the electrified effect which is similar to an electric fence. This is an ideal solution for BRC audited premises and food chain logistics operators where pesticide use is prohibited. The Grid Guard is the best rat repellent for warehouses.

The Grid Guard is a long-term solution to prevent rats and mice damaging expensive assets and property. It is completely safe for humans and rodents alike and acts as a barrier to rodents but not to humans who can drive over it or walk over it with shoes. It delivers a safe, low energy shock once every second. Rats can sense when the mat is activated and do not need to walk on it to be repelled. If they do step on it they receive an unpleasant but safe shock and leave the area.

The electrified flooring tiles double as a hard-wearing floor surface which can be swept, pressure washed and vacuumed. It can be screwed down prevent it slipping with heavy traffic. The Grid Guard can be used to protect dustbin lorries, combine harvesters, warehouses and other storage units. It can be used synergistically with other pest control methods as a complete solution. Valuable and vulnerable items can be surrounded by the tiles in a perimeter or a complete mat can be formed for even more peace of mind.

Grid Guard Storage Facilities Rodent Control