May 19, 2020 Toby Bateson

Fully_Laden_Fire_EngineAs well as an incredibly effective rodent repellent, The Grid Guard is a resilient, hard-wearing floor surface. It is still going strong after being driven over in excess of 150,000 times by a forklift truck. Here is a a film of a fully laden fire truck driving over The Grid Guard.

The tiles are made from impact and fire resistant PVC and high grade stainless steel making them robust and long-lasting. They are supplied with a one-year guarantee which we are planning to extend soon. We expect them to last much longer than that, in excess of 10 years.

The resilience of the tiles makes them ideal for use across thresholds where there is heavy traffic. Examples include supermarket loading bays, warehouse entrances, factories and garages. In many situations doors are left open to allow traffic to come and go. This allows rodents to pop in and out all day, causing expensive damage in the process. A strip of The Grid Guard across the doorway puts paid to this, whilst still allowing vehicles and people to pass. Walking on it with shoes will protect against a shock.

Users are finding that rats and mice simply won’t cross it. The Grid Guard delivers a safe, intermittent pulse of electricity which keeps them away. Surprisingly, in tests they did not step on it at all and appeared to be aware that it was on, adding to the powerful repellent effect. The shock is non-lethal and safe for humans and rodents alike. The Grid Guard has strong green credentials. It is non-disposable, highly energy efficient and requires no pesticides. Visit our homepage for case studies and ordering information.