Arcing may occur on your installed Grid in certain situations.

This will be seen as an electrical spark, a brief flash, and/or heard as a ‘crack’. This does not cause a problem from a functional or safety point of view; it is only a cosmetic issue. Arcing occurs commonly in many electrical devices, for example every time a light switch is flicked on or when you plug in an electrical socket with a device that is turned on and ready to draw current arcing occurs. It is considered normal and unavoidable in electric appliances. It is also a clear indicator that the Grid is energized and working properly to deter rodents.


The Grid Guard is almost always 100% effective at completely stopping rodent damage in areas with previously high levels of activity.   In a small number of cases, further remedial action may be required, or additional tiles may need to be added to end the problem. We have not come across any situations so far where we have not subsequently managed to stop the damage but, due to the high number of environmental and behavioral variations involved in the application of the system, we cannot guarantee that we can completely stop rodent damage in every situation.

There have been cases in which customers have needed to interact with GG professionals to debug and resolve problems.   In over 1000 active installations, we have only had a handful of problems that could not be resolved.

For peace of mind, if you purchase the GridGuard and are not satisfied with the performance of the system, you can return it for a  full refund, subject to the terms and conditions of our return policy below. (10% restocking fee, customer pays return shipping ).

SHIPPING: GridGuard ships to anywhere in the USA and Canada. Orders generally are processed within one business day and often ship next day. We use UPS exclusively, ground shipping most economical, 3 day and 2 day options can be selected.

TAXES: GridGuard is required to collect California sales tax based on the county shipped to for orders shipped to addresses in California.

WARRANTY: All GridGuard products are covered by a ONE YEAR WARRANTY period from the date the customer receives the product. Warranty returns require a pre-authorization from GridGuard, are shipped to our Chatsworth, CA warehouse at customer expense, and must include a warranty claim code issued by GridGuard authorizing the items. GridGuard will, at the company’s discretion, replace or repair any defective items. The replaced or repaired items will ship at GridGuard’s expense back to the customer.

Returns: Returns are accepted within 30 days of original shipment and must be pre-authorized by contacting GridGuard. Product that has been opened and installed can be returned provided the product is in original condition. The product should be returned in its original packaging. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs.   A 10% restocking fee will be assessed on all returned products.

Possible Restrictions

While not technically an “electric fence”, the Grid utilizes similar technology. GridGuard recommends that customers check with relevant local agencies to determine if any restrictions apply.  An owner of real property shall not install and operate an electrified security fence where a local ordinance prohibits that installation and operation. If a local ordinance allows the installation and operation of an electrified security fence, the installation and operation of the fence shall meet the requirements of that ordinance and the requirements of the subdivision.

 GridGuard also strongly recommends posting signs at the perimeter of your Grid to inform people that electrified tiles are present and active.  There is a sample sign available for download on our install page.

Electrical Warning

This product, like many electric appliances, uses and generates a large electric voltage, which flows from the transformer to the grids, thereby discouraging / preventing animals and rodents from crossing the grids. While the energy/current is small and duration short, If any human or your pets touch or make contact with the grids, you/they will receive an electrical shock which may cause discomfort, the result of which could cause personal injury or other harm. When the product is in use, DO NOT TOUCH OR MAKE CONTACT WITH THE GRIDS OR THE WIRES.