The Story behind GridGuard

         In 2021, our founder, a Santa Barbara car buff, was looking for solutions to protect a couple of very nice older vehicles he had restored.  He found a very unique product, based in the UK, called the RatMat.   After using the product for some time he found it to be very effective, but a bit rough around the edges (no pun).  In collaboration with the UK company,  the GridGuard system was developed,  and GridGuard was offered the exclusive rights to market, sell, and support the product in the USA and Canada

     One of the greatest threats to cars in use and even more so in storage is damage caused by rodents. Rodents can damage old cars and new in a multitude of ways. Rodents have a strong instinct to chew on stuff. They can chew through every type of wire in your vehicle creating the most tedious and costly repairs. Their front teeth constantly grow forcing them to ‘gnaw’ on things to keep their teeth short and manageable. Rodents find cars to be very accommodating dwellings and destroy them in the process of building and living in their new homes inside of them. While both of these things are beneficial to rodents they are quite the opposite for a valuable car and its owner. The steps car owners ought to take to prevent rodent infestations are 1) keeping the area your car is parked/stored in clear of any food/waste. 2) Utilize pest control methods around the entire property where the car is stored. 3) Use an impenetrable barrier around your vehicle to prevent rodents from ever entering your car.  We at Grid Guard recommend installing our patented GridGuard system, composed of sleek interlocking tiles made of high-grade stainless-steel and durable PVC, creating an impenetrable non-lethal shock barrier for indoor and outdoor use that rodents sense and avoid. We recommend using The Grid Guard year-round as it is the only way to be sure that your car will not be impacted by rodent damage. The Grid Guard system protects your car delivering  peace of mind at a relatively low cost that no other repellant solution can beat.