Waste Management

Garbage cans and trucks are rat magnets and can quickly become overrun if steps are not taken. The Grid Guard acts like an electric fence on the floor making a secure perimeter around the area you want to protect. Rodents simply will not cross it making it the best rat repellent for garbage bin stores and dumpsters.

Conventional trapping and poisoning isn’t solving the rat problem. Despite these measures rats are still causing millions of dollars worth of damage every year and the problem isn’t getting any better. Pest control contracts can cost a small fortune; The Grid Guard is plug-and-play, set-and-forget. Once set up it works for years with very little maintenance; just an occasional sweep if necessary. It uses a tiny amount of electricity, less than an energy saving light bulb and is more environmentally friendly than rodenticides which can enter the food chain and kill local wildlife.

As it can be driven on or walked over with shoes on The Grid Guard is a barrier to rodents but not to humans. it is extremely hard wearing; it has been driven over more than 150,000 times in a warehouse in the US and is showing no significant wear and is still going strong. The intermittent electric pulse works in a similar way to an electric fence. Rats and mice do not get used to it over time and it is extremely effective at stopping them in their tracks making it the best rat proofing for garbage bins. Simply put a perimeter around your bins or a strip across the threshold to your bin storage area and rats and mice will be kept at bay.


The Problem

An Organic Supermarket in Central London was experiencing high levels of mouse ingress into its store room and store. Pest Controller Aaron Letchford of Beaver Pest Control had the contract to service the supermarket. One of the main entry points identified was the doors leading into the storeroom of the supermarket and the loading bay. This was where a lot of the rubbish was disposed of.

These doors were often left open as the staff needed to access the storeroom from the loading bays for deliveries and to dispose of waste. Bait traps were found to be ineffective due to the plentiful supply of food within the storeroom and supermarket. Staff regularly saw mice in the door area between loading bay and supermarket and droppings were visible.

The Solution

After hearing about The Grid Guard rat proofing, Aaron decided to try the product at the supermarket. The manager of the store was an enthusiastic supporter. A strip of Ratmat tiles two tiles deep was used to protect the entrance between the store room and the loading bay. The Energiser box was mounted on the wall adjacent to the entrance.


Andrew the store manager is very happy with The Grid Guard. Staff no longer see mouse activity by the entrance or problems in the storeroom. On one occasion when The Grid Guard was turned off for another maintenance issue, staff again reported high rodent activity. Andrew is keen to see The Grid Guard deployed in other stores in is company, such is the success at his site. There is a high level of traffic consisting of people and heavy trolleys carrying goods and waste between the store room and loading bay. The Grid Guard is showing no signs of wear and tear after five months.

Aaron Letchford from Beaverpest reported no mouse droppings when they performed site inspections. Aaron now has a high level of confidence that The Grid Guard is extremely effective at repelling rodents. The Grid Guard meets the requirements of Soil Association organic standards regarding pest control meaning it is ideal to use in situations requiring organic credentials and making it a great alternative to glue traps.

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