Protect your car from rodents

When you have a car, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into the maintenance of your vehicle. There could be one thing you are overlooking.

How to Find Out if Rodents Have Damaged Your Car

Signs of Rodent Damage

If you notice any chewed wires or upholstery or poop droppings there is a rodent getting into your car. Don’t bother scratching your heads either and complaining to your valet service about leaving food remnants in the car. Tiny remnants of food down the back of a seat are enough to catch the super sensitive sense of smell of a rat. As far as the chewed wires are concerned, they haven’t mistaken them for food they are using them to sharpen their teeth.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The Grid Guard’s rat repellent flooring is ideal in this situation. It creates a barrier around your car which can’t pass. It is safe and non-toxic, unlike many other solutions which are available on the market. It uses new patent-pending technology which is not available anywhere else.


Person holding rodent-chewed wires to electric car

Electric Cars

If you have just bought a new Tesla or Nissan Leaf you may well be wondering about how to prevent rodent damage to electric cars. Rats and mice are renowned for causing expensive damage and electric cars are no exception. In fact, for various reasons, rodent damage to electric cars may by more likely than petrol-engined cars. In addition, the damage may be more expensive to repair.

Teslas are at high risk for damage by rats and mice because the company uses soya protein in the engine wires, as well as peanut oil as lubricant. Hence ‘Tesla Rat Problem’ is commonly searched for on Google. When the battery is charging it becomes warm, attracting rodents. In the pictures you can see a Tesla parked on the The Grid Guard where it has been completely effective at keeping rodent damage at bay.

Rats teeth grow continuously throughout their lives so they need to be ground down otherwise they become unable to eat. Sometimes they wear down naturally whilst eating. If they have been eating soft food such as that left around by humans, they need to chew hard materials to wear their teeth down. Unfortunately this is where the rather expensive wiring in your new Tesla comes in.

The Grid Guard is the perfect solution to prevent damage to your electric car. Simply lay it on the floor of your garage or driveway, park on it and it will harmlessly repel rats for many years to come. The electrified surface will give a safe electric shock, like an electric fence, to any rodent that walks on it. Despite this, you can walk on it with shoes on and drive on and off without any problems. In tests, rats never took bait from the surface making it ideal when it comes to protecting your car from rodents.

Tesla electric car on a Rat Mat