Grid Systems

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With over 1000 systems installed, we are learning more every day about rodent and critter behavior. There are 56 known species of rats in the world. Some of their behavioral tendencies are regionally different. Some learn to jump while others do not. For “jumpers” it is often necessary to enhance the Grid with a 2nd row of tiles. If a 2nd row upgrade is necessary, we offer the 2nd row at a 50% discount.
Customers have also had good success deterring squirrels and chipmunks with the Grid System. If, after purchase, you find the Grid is not performing as required, rest assured that we will work with you to debug and tune the System. Motion activated cameras are often effective at trouble-shooting. If, together, we cannot resolve and render the Grid effective and rodents continue to cause damage, we will refund your purchase.

Arcing may occur on your installed Grid in certain situations. This will be seen as an electrical flicker, a brief flash, and/or heard as a 'snap'. This does not cause a problem from a functional or safety point of view; it is only a cosmetic issue. Arcing occurs commonly in many electrical devices, for example every time a light switch is flicked on or when you plug in an electrical socket with a device that is turned on and ready to draw current arcing occurs. It is considered normal and unavoidable in electric appliances. It is also a clear indicator that the Grid is energized and working properly to deter rodents.

Each Grid behaves differently in the environment it is living in. Some Grid Systems will arc more than others and other Systems may not arc at all. Contributing factors are: water on the Grid, moisture in the air, the humidity of the surface the Grid is installed on, and any foreign matter (debris). Customers may find it useful as it is clearly sending an audible message to the rodent contingent, others find it annoying and unnerving. Applying a dab of clear silicone glue at the rubber insulator locations where arcing usually occurs can mitigate this effect. Often it is necessary to follow multiple “arc” points as the Grid retains energy when the Energizer dumps the next cycle of power onto the Grid. Any debris which lodges between tracks can also cause arcing, keeping the Grid clean is an important maintenance procedure.