The Grid Guard Maintenance & Test Schedule :

(Required to ensure optimal performance of your System) 

While your System is relatively maintenance free, it is necessary to conduct visual inspections and Voltage Test on a regular basis.  The effectiveness and integrity of The Grid Guard System rely on your attention to clearing debris and monitoring minimum voltage readings.  

Visual Inspection Schedule:

  • A close inspection of each tile should be conducted weekly.
    • Remove any foreign matter and pay particular attention to the condition of the Tile Bridges – particularly on the Entry Leg of your Grid (The area that you drive over).  Look for “arcing” and replace Bridges that appear to be worn and are the source of the arcing.  Arcing is a snapping sound with a faint spark that might be seen in dark environments.
  • A cursory inspection should be conducted each time you approach The Grid.  Look for any foreign object that might conduct electricity – i.e. screws, coins, paperclips etc. etc.  All of these items can cause The Grid voltage to drop to below effective levels.  


Voltage Test Schedule:

  • Immediately after installation.
    • Using the supplied Volt Meter, test the “Power Tile” (the Tile that connects the Energizer to The Grid) to get a “base reading”.  Then test all four corners of your Grid as well as Tiles that are mid span of each leg of your Grid.  Your voltage reading should be between 2.9KV and 3.2KV.
    • If your readings are lower than 2.9KV and higher than 3.2KV, inspect The Grid for proper Tile Bridge installation.  See Tile Bridge Tab.  Also look for any metal object that might be shorting The Grid.  
  • Conduct the procedure outlined above at least Twice a month to ensure optimal protection. 

Cleaning Protocol

Keeping your Grid Guard System clean and clear of debris is vital to the performance of the Grid Guard System. Cleaning practices and frequency vary from system to system based on its environment. You will need to find a routine that works for you based on these factors.  We recommend cleaning your grid with a broom, leaf blower or garden hose on a regular basis. Cleaning your Grid Guard System using these methods  will not harm it. 

The performance of your Grid and its ability to keep rodents at bay, relies heavily on your Inspection and Voltage Test regime!  If you have any questions about inspecting, testing or cleaning your Grid Guard System do not hesitate to call us at (805) 470-1570.